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7.15.21 - Mutual of Omaha IUL Express - See What All The Excitement Is About!


What’s the hottest product in IULs these days? According to the sales in June, it’s the MOO IUL Express, which had more than DOUBLE the number of submitted applications than the next closest product! But what makes it so amazing? On this episode, VP of Retirement Solutions, Bill Martin 2.0, is joined by Diamond Elite Producer, Jeff Geske, and Gold Elite Producer, Pat Goss, as they discuss what they love about the product and how they’ve had so much success with it!

**In this video, there is discussion about whether or not you need to include a signed illustration with the e-app when submitting. Check out our Scripts & Guides for a list of which states do & don't, titled "MOO IULE Illustration States."

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